Project workshop

Slovenian Forestry Institute, 14-15 May 2012

The purpose of this workshop: present the project EMoNFUr – Establishing a monitoring network to assess lowland forest and urban plantation in Lombardy and urban forest in Slovenia and present a concept proposal for the monitoring of urban and periurban forests in Europe.

            Letter of invitation (pdf, 2,5 MB)   Workshop programme (pdf, 0,1 MB)

  PHOTO impressions (authors: Matej R., Andrej V., Boštjan H.)


  •   (pdf, 3,2 MB) Roberto Carovigno – The forestation of agricultural areas in Lombardia region – Italy
  •  (pdf, 1,9 MB)  Clive Davies – European experience of urban and peri-urban forestry drawing on experiencesfrom the UK and other countries
  •   Robert Hostnik – The 6 cities’ forests
  •   (pdf, 7,2 MB) Giorgio Matteucci, Primož Simončič – Forest monitoring in Europe: What can we learn and use for monitoring Urban Forests
  •   (pdf, 1,7 MB) Janez Pirnat - Urban Forestry in Slovenia
  •   (pdf, 1,1 MB) Giovanni Sanesi - Urban and Periurban Forestry (UPF): the need for monitoring
  •   (pdf, 1,7 MB) Primož Simončič, Andrej Verlič - Urban Forests monitoring proposal
  •   (pdf, 2,2 MB) Mirko Medved - Slovenian Forestry Institute. History – 2012 – Vision
  •   (pdf, 2,6 MB) Andrej Verlič et al. – EMoNFUr


Presentations in urban forest

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